Social Science Data Sources


 Multi-national Databases

ESS - European Social Survey

EDAC, the European Data Center for Work and Welfare

ISSP: International Social Survey Programme

WDI Online

OECD Statistical Compendium

LIS: Luxembourg Income Study

World Fertility Survey

The Integrated Fertility Survey Series (IFSS) (ICPSR)

PISA: OECD Programme for International Student assessment

TIMSS: Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study and Science Study

PROMINSTAT: Promoting Comparative Quantitative Research in the Field of Migration and Integration in Europe

 Other Data Sources

NES: American National Election Studies

PSID: The Panel Study of Income Dynamics

SOSIG: Social Sciences Information Gateway

SDA - Survey Documentation and Analysis (University of California, Berkeley)

CASS: The Question Bank

 Census Material

The US Census Bureau

IPUMS - Minnesota Population Centera

UK Data Service Census Support