How are the data provided?

Datasets are usually available in ASCII format and they come with a SAS, SPSS or STATA program that reads the ASCII file and converts it to a software system-file with variable and value labels. Macrodata are often available in MS EXCEL format.

The ISDC provides data in several modes and platforms. The most accessible platform of delivery is the Internet through which the ISDC provides quite a few macro databases:Economic Time Series for Israel (ETSI) and Judicial Statistics. In addition to the Internet, the main media for data transfer are:

FTP: The ISDC maintains an Anonymous FTP server for transferring data to users in Israel as well as in foreign countries. Once the user's data request is approved, the required files (datasets, documentation, codebooks, etc.) are written on a USER sub-directory and a related e-mail message instructs him/her how to download the files. The USER sub-directory is then available to the user for 5 days, before it is automatically deleted.

Compact Disks (CD-ROM): The ISDC distributes large volumes of data on CD-ROM.