What conditions govern access to the data?

A few datasets are subdued to further limits assigned by their original producers. These producers may determine the conditions that govern the availability of the data. Each dataset in the ISDC is classified by one of the following Access Modes, which represent conditions placed on data access by its producer:
  1. Standard access conditions apply. No other restrictions on access.
  2. Users are required to sign special undertakings on conditions of use, which are specific to the dataset in question. The depositor will be informed about the usage. This access mode applies to the majority of the CBS datasets;
  3. Written permission of the depositor is required, in addition to standard access conditions;
  4. Access is held up until the depositor accomplishes his research work and releases the dataset (Up to 12 months);
  5. Access open only to users from the affiliated academic institutions
  6. CBS_MUC: Usage is restricted to senior faculty members in Israeli academic institutions