What are the user's responsibilities with regard to the data?

Before a copy of a dataset is released by the ISDC or permission is given to access it, the user is requested to agree with undertaking on conditions of use. In signing that form the user agrees to abide by conditions stipulated by the ISDC and the data producer with regard to the use of the data. A standard undertaking form covers most data, but certain datasets have special conditions reflecting the depositor's requirements (see access category 2,3 and 6 above). In most cases the user undertakes:
  • Not to use the data for any purpose other than that stated above
  • Not to make an attempt to identify individuals, households and firms in the dataset
  • Not to give, sell or transfer, in any way, the data, or part of it, to anyone else
  • To keep all related materials (files, documentation, magnetic, optic media etc.) in a place and manner so that no one, except the applicant, will have access to it
  • To make a reference, in every publication related to this data, to the Social Sciences Data Center (ISDC) at the Hebrew University as the data distributor
Where data are used for teaching purposes it is the responsibility of the teacher to sign the Undertaking Form and then to ensure that all students given access to the data sign the same Undertaking Form and that these forms are returned to the ISDC.

When a written permission of a data producer is required (access mode=3,6), the ISDC approaches the depositor on behalf of the user. Users should note that re-use of data already supplied, for a purpose not covered by the original application, requires the submitting of new application and undertaking forms.