What data are held in the ISDC?

Users of the ISDC have at their disposal a large body of machine-readable data covering a broad range of research in the social sciences. The ISDC holdings contain mainly microdata files from the Central Bureau of Statistics and other sources. However, a few macro databases are also accessible through the Web. The data collection covers research areas such as population, health, labour and unemployment, economic behavior, elders, social and economic inequality, transportation, education, elections, immigration, political and other attitudes, multi-national comparative databases. The best way of finding out whether the ISDC has data suitable for your research purposes is to consult the on-line catalogue. Another source of information about the ISDC's latest holdings is DATANET listserver to which you can subscribe by submitting your E-mail address. Additionally, you are prompted to ask the ISDC staff for further information by e-mail, by fax: 972-2-5883004 or by phone: 972-2-5881170 / 5883008.